Monthly Subscription Boxes

The NeuroMama Love Box Monthly Subscription Box is a monthly membership model at a sliding scale fee to accommodate a wide range of individual and household subscriptions guided by FixPat’s gilding principles of JEDI. Designed as monthly opportunities to encourage neurodivergent pregnant mothers and families raising children with disabilities and developmental delays, including mental health, to celebrate small and big victories in theirs and/or their child’s disability journey through receiving emotionally intelligent and sensory friendly products that help build knowledge about a range of disabilities, promote advocacy and self-determination in navigating the systems of care as well as affirm a culture of self-care and self-love. FixPat aims to develop advocacy work books developed in house and in partnership with Chi Bornfree, as well as in seeking other partnerships with a range of established and emerging companies, especially those that are disabled, women and/or BIPOC owned businesses for product samples in the monthly subscription boxes. As a business concept, FixPat’s NeuroMama Love Box competed and placed Third Tier at the 2020 Pitch George Competition, which is an annual start-up pitch competition held by The George Washington University’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Additionally, to develop NeuroMama, FixPat has recently participated in business accelerator programs with 2Gether International, an organization founded to support disabled entrepreneurs, and partners with the District’s Mayor’s Office of Planning and Economic Development, Google, etc. to host a range of start-up incubator cohorts and build an ongoing community of disabled entrepreneurs, which FixPat is proud and honored to be a part of.

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