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Caregiver Cooperative Incubator –

Caregiver Cooperative Incubator

Caregiver Cooperative Exploration Incubator Program is geared at addressing the disproportionate economic impact of providing care and support for children and youth with disabilities, especially for Black and Brown families. Joining in national and international efforts to raise awareness of the low market and social value ascribed to caregivers, FixPat aims to engage cohorts of self-advocates and/or family caregiver advocates in DC, MD and VA that undergo entrepreneurship training, political education and engaging activities that promote learnings of JEDI, knowledge and awareness of the legacy of cooperative economics. Working closely with Ron Hampton, a father of an autistic son and the founder and facilitator of the Network for Developing Conscious Communities (NDCC) Black Coopnomics Academy, FixPat aims to identify caregivers that would be interested in joining this learning community for cooperative exploration.

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