For the Love of JEDI Community Baby Shower

Launched in July 2021 and is to be hosted on a quarterly basis and in partnership with it’s Planning Committee, which we’ve invited the following organizations: BrightBeam Network, Mother’s Outreach Network, DC Working Families Party/DefundMPD Coalition, Serve Your City, and Ms. P’s Child Development Center. Additionally, the following organizations were community vendors at the launch: Mary’s Center, Parents Amplifying Voices in Education (PAVE) and the Under3DC Coalition. We have a growing list of government programs and nongovernmental organizations that have signed on to support the community baby showers, including: the Healthy Futures Program of the DC Department of Behavioral Health (DBH), the Help Me Grow Program of the DC Department of Health (DC Health) and the Ward 5 Mutual Aid Network. The primary goal of the community baby shower program is to offer this quarterly programming to identify 10 neurodiverse pregnant mothers or economically disadvantaged families raising children from birth to 8 years old with disabilities, developmental delays, mental health diagnoses or related conditions.

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