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FixPat, Inc. is a start-up DC-based nonprofit organization governed by a board of directors that promotes family-centered advocacy, emotional intelligence, literacy, and neurodiversity through wellness products and services. The guiding principles for the organization are Justice, Equity, (neuro)Diversity, and Inclusion (J.E.D.I.); and is incubating NeuroMama, a cooperative model monthly subscription boxes for neurodivergent birthing people, and families of children with disabilities birth to 8 years old.

As a sister organization to the for-profit advocacy partner, Chi Bornfree, Inc., the two organizations collaborate on projects via the DC Child Justice Coalition formed in January 2022. Along with other ally organizations in the Coalition, FixPat offers wellness support to the advocacy, research, and organizing goals of Chi Bornfree through providing NeuroMama care packages as well as through fiscal sponsorship on eligible projects.

create the culture of care needed in the home for their loved one of any age with complex medical needs. In providing individualized care to support children in learning independence in activities of daily living, FixPat, Inc. promotes routines-based interventions in the home and community, offering support with highly trained service providers that are part of our membership bas

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